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The Garage Guerrilla

When the motiveless killing of a woman in her garage confuses the investigators of Riverwood, Colorado, Detective Sean Kennedy begins to move on from the case. But after another woman is found, followed by a third, he quickly realizes that he’s onto something much bigger than he had ever anticipated. With the body count rising, Sean does everything he can to end the nightmare.

Nearly fifty years later, Detective Jake Caldwell walks onto his first day on the job. Assigned with reviewing cold cases, the young detective becomes inspired by the apprehension of the Golden State Killer and genetic genealogy. As he reads through his city’s files, he stumbles upon the paper trail of a forgotten serial killer of his own. But in order to uncover the truth, Jake learns that he’ll need the blood from the past.

"A riveting tale guaranteed to make readers think twice before entering a garage at night." - Kirkus Reviews

Image by Isai Ramos

The Real Story

The Garage Guerrilla was inspired by a true story.

In the suburbs west of Denver during the late 60s and early 70s, a predator stalked the streets and spied through windows. Dubbed the 'Garage Gorilla' by the local papers, his ensuing crime spree terrified the community.

The case was never solved.

It's through efforts with the new investigative tool of genetic genealogy that perpetrators like the 'Garage Gorilla' can finally face their coming justice.

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For me there's nothing better than getting caught up in a good book. When the story comes alive, and you begin to paint the scenes together in your head until you're no longer just reading the book, you're watching it. Getting that feeling of pure inspiration and peaked imagination, is addicting.

I've been reading for much longer than I've been writing, but both have always been a passion of mine. I didn't get my degree in English or literature, but regardless of the path that I chose, writing found its way to me. 

The stories that I write about are things that truly fascinate me and terrify me. Whether it be exploring the psychology of a serial killer or following a stable mind across the brink of sanity. I hope that my stories bring you the same sense of wonder and fascination that eventually inspired me to write the words. 

I was born and raised in Colorado. I now live in Northern California. 

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